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FOB Price: Min. order Quantity of cotton: 20 Ton/Tons USD 800-1000 Per Tonne

Cotton is the single most important textile fiber in the world, accounting for about 35 percent of all fibers produced.

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Songtaab-Yalgré cotton & Shea Ltd

FOB Price: Min. order Quantity of shea nut: 1 Ton/Tons USD 250-500 Per Tonne

    Free Fatty Acids (FFA) = < - 6%
    Moisture Content = < - 7%
    Oil Content = ->45%
    Latex = 4-10%

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Knowing the shea nut

Shea -- known in the local Dioula language as karité ("life") -- generally grows wild, with

little need for any special cultivation or nourishment. Almost all parts of the tree have

some practical use. The bark is an ingredient in traditional medicines against certain

childhood ailments and minor scrapes and cuts. The shell of the nuts can repel mosquitoes.

Above all, the fruity part of the nut, when crushed, yields a vegetable oil that can be

used in cooking, soap-making and skin and hair care. Harvesting the nuts and making the

butter have traditionally been women's work. Men usually are involved only in transport and

Unprocessed shea nuts have been exported to Europe for decades, primarily for the

manufacture of chocolate in Switzerland and the UK.
They are then buried in pits which causes the pulp to ferment and disintegrate and produces

enough heat to prevent germination. The Shea nuts are dried for a few days and are later

shelled and winnowed, usually by hand. The kernels are dried further to reduce moisture

content from about 40 percent to about 7 percent.
Seemingly Buyers specify their own quality standards for purchases of shea nuts and shea

butter. The following is a benchmark for the composition of the shea nut required for


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

FOB Price: Min. order Quantity of shea butter: 1 Ton/Tons USD 1800-2000 Per Tonne

With a head office in Ouagadougou, capital city of Burkina Faso, and our Harvesting plant in  Bobo Dioulasso, second city of Burkina Faso and main agriculural production area we are specialized in the production and trading of cotton, shea nuts and Shea butter.

with a humble beginning "Songtaab-Yalgré cotton & Shea Ltd" founded by  "Fatou Ouédraogo" and now mannaged by his son "Fatai Ouedraogo" the company has grown to become Burkina Faso major exporter of cotton and Shea products.
 Unrefined shea butter, pure and natural with all the bio-actives. Our shea butter has not been refined and stripped through chemical or physical refining process. No colors or dyes added. Fresh and clean shea butter. The highest quality shea butter suitable for beauty and cosmetic purposes as well as other purposses. Our shea butter is filtered down to 5 micron so that there are no specs or dirt in the product.

@"Songtaab-Yalgré cotton & Shea Ltd" we have a sense of responsiblity to our community.

Our enterprise has given the women improve
d skills and knowledge
in the sustainable
use and management of shea tree products, give
n that a major challeng
e is to protect the
existing trees. In addition,
it educates the general
public about environmental
sustainability, since it is
illegal to pick unrip
e nuts (mature nuts fall to the ground). This
enables them to generate greater income from
harvesting, processing and selling shea and
at the same time provides an incentive for them
to conserve and manage their trees. As a
result, skills and knowledge re
lated to the sustainable use
and management of shea tree
products will be improved in the communities.

Knowing your "Cotton"


Cotton is a vegetable fibre obtained from the mature capsule of the cotton plant, a shrub about 40 cm high, with leaves and flowers of a red or yellow colour. When the flower is fecundated it loses its petals and within 25 days a capsule surrounded by a leaf called bract grows. The capsule is sustained by a cup and has a drop shape rounded at the lower extremity. Inside the capsule there are from five to eight seeds on which the fibre developed. When the capsule is mature it opens into four parts showing the cotton ball. On the same plant the maturation of the capsules does not occur simultaneously, therefore more passages are required for the harvest of the cotton. The harvest is carried out a week after maturation. The first operation after harvesting is husking, which permits the removal of the fibres from the seeds. Then the cotton is carded and combed so as to eliminate all the impurities. 4000 fibers is the seed average. Staple length = 1/8" - 2.5" (0.32 - 6.35cm) -  for manufacturing yarns, fabrics, 7/8" - 11/4" (2.22 - 3.18cm) is standard. 

We grow the best cotton in "Songtaab-Yalgré cotton & Shea Ltd"

In Burkina Faso, sub-Saharan Africa's largest cotton producer, cotton production has grown 19 percent a year over the past 10 years, boosting GDP growth and a huge part of that success is because of Songtaab-Yalgré cotton & Shea Ltd